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Dance is an expressive artform that anyone - of any age -can take pleasure in. Join Danceland.

We specialise in ballroom and Latin American dance classes and are easily accessible to residents of Salford and Manchester.

Learn to dance in an enjoyable and supportive environment

Do you long to ballroom dance? Did you use to dance in years gone by but are out of practice? Perhaps you're a complete novice, or a parent who feels their child could really benefit from taking up a hobby. Whatever your situation, it's never too late to start learning! We offer classes in ballroom dancing and Latin American dancing for beginners, toddlers, juniors and adults alike!

There's no pressure: you can work up to competitions and exams or you can simply come for fun, to socialise, gain confidence and get fit. Above all, we love sharing our passion for dance with like-minded people who appreciate the joy of rhythm, music and movement.
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Dance with Us

Become adept at dancing at your own pace with our friendly 
and enthusiastic dance tutors:

- Rumba
- Samba
- Cha Cha
- Jive
- Paso-Doble
- Waltz
- Foxtrot
- Tango
- Quickstep
- Popular Sequence Dances
- Competitive Sequence Dances
- Private and Group Lessons

If you want to have a chat about our dance classes, call us on 

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